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For the latest official Puffy News checkout puffyamiyumi.com. The Puffy AmiYumi Blog and official MySpace page have been updating more frequently since Honeycreeper and the tour.

The most detailed and frequent updates still come from their official Japanese website at puffy.hit-r.com. Ami also writes a blog (in Japanese) called the "Amigator" at Sony Music.

For the very latest Puffy News here see our Home Page.

- CD and DVD News -
New Cover Album cover New Cover Album was released on March 25, 2009 entitled Puffy AmiYumi x Puffy. Here is Ami's blog info:

2009.3.25 In Stores!!
KSCL 1371 / 3,059 YEN(tax incl.)

"We've put together specially selected songs as AMIYUMI have participated in many tribute albums and covered many songs.
"BASKET CASE (GREEN DAY)", "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (CYNDI LAUPER)", "Tenshi no Wing (Seiko Matsuda)", etc. PUFFY aka PUFFY AMIYUMI (name overseas) have added their own flavor to each song!"

Here is the track list:
1. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
2. Nichiyoubi Yori no Shisha (The High-Lows)
3. Basket Case (Green Day)
4. Frontier no Pioneer [Shiitaka version] (Tamio Okuda)
5. Joining a Fan Club (Jellyfish)
6. Tenshi no Wink (Seiko Matsuda)
7. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (The Beatles)
8. Ningen wa mou Owari da! (Magokoro Brothers)
9. Radio Tokyo (Marvelous3)
10. Kenkou (Tamio Okuda)
11. Not Listening (Snuff)
12. Tokyo Hanabi (New Rote'ka)
13. Can-Nana Fever (Guitar Wolf)
14. Hito Natsu no Keiken (Momoe Yamaguchi)
15. Don't Bring Me Down (Electric Light Orchestra)
16. Yuki Ga Furu Machi (Unicorn)

1. Hi Hi [Spanish TV MIX]
2. Hi Hi [Portuguese TV MIX]
3. Happy Birthday To You [Dear OOO version]

More info to come.
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New single - Hiyori Hime - click for full size New Puffy Single "Hiyori Hime" was released on February 25, 2009. Here is post from their official site:

New Single "Hiyori Hime" 2009.02.25 In Stores!!
First Limited Version: KSCL 1343-1344 / 1,500 YEN(tax incl.)
Normal Version: KSCL 1345 / 1,223 YEN(tax incl.)

"Hiyori Hime" which is written by Ringo Shiina will be the opening theme song for the FUJI TV anime "Genji Sennenki" starting January 2009.

Like the past singles, the First Limited Version will include a DVD with footage from the "PUFFY TOUR 2007 honeysweeper" final concert. Songs included are "Kuchibiru Motion", "Hataraku Otoko", "Jet Keisatsu", "Asia no Junshin"!
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Snuff Tribute Album. In her October 10th blog Ami announced that Puffy have finished recording a song for a new Snuff Tribute Album. Here is the direct link to her MySpace version of the blog.

New Single "My Story" has been released on August 6th. The bonus DVD version includes footage from the December 19th 2007 Honeysweeper show at the SHIBUYA-AX.

On June 16th Ami posted the following info on her blog:

"So, info on the next single "My Story" has started being posted. Yep, the lyrics have been written by Puffy AmiYumi. And the other day the director of the music video said "the lyrics for this song is really good"...I was so happy I was about to float up to the clouds. But, I don't think we've ever written lyrics like this love story. We'd be so happy if the lyrics fill up your hearts. The song is totally full speed and this is another one of those songs that will grow as we do more shows."

According to David of the Merrymakers: "About "My Story" the story is that I originally made an attempt at writing the melody that ABBA never wrote. But since the demo ended up sounding so much like ABBA it didn't really make sense recording it properly so it was lying around for quite some time. But when we were asked by Puffy to produce and record the song for them Anders and I made a "puffyfied" version with a much more rockin' feel. We feel that the melody eventually has found its home with Puffy and it's a great feeling. We are again delighted to work with Puffy and hope to be doing it again soon..."

All Because of You - click for larger pic New Puffy Single called All Because of You was released in Japan on May 21st. Puffy's official site has just announced that you can now download the songs. Here is the link they gave (if you have used it please leave us a comment at the forum).

The title track was written by Butch Walker and Avril Lavigne (official site). Butch Walker has written songs for Puffy on both Splurge and Honeycreeper. Avril is probably best known for her song "Girlfriend." If you want to add to the 77 million view count for the song at YouTube here is the link.

Kagome ad - click for full size The second track was Frontier no Pioneer by Puffy's longtime songwriter and producer Tamio Okuda. The song is being used for a commercial for a Kagome vegetable juice called "Yasai Seikatsu 100!"

The third track was the RYUKYUDISKO remix of Butch Walker's Closet Full of Love.

All Because of You CD The first press limited edition will include a bonus DVD featuring four songs from the December 19th show at SHIBUYA-AX from PUFFY TOUR 2007 Honeysweeper. Songs will include Boom Boom Beat, Tokyo I'm On My Way, Kimi to Autobike and Circuit no Musume.

Before the Iitomo show The public got a sneak peak at the cover art for the new single on March 25th when Ami brought a poster with her on an appearance on the Japanese variety show Waratte Iitomo. Here is the photo of Ami before the show from their MySpace and official site.

Tribute Albums for Tamio Okuda were released on October 24th entitled "Unicorn Tributes" and "Okada Tamio Covers." Puffy will have a song on each. More info to come.

Tamio Okuda also recorded his own version of Oriental Diamond for his single "Mugen no Kaze" available at CD Japan where you can (or could) listen to a 35 second sample of the song (text is in Japanese - its the 3rd track listing).

New album "Honeycreeper" out September 26th.

Puffy's new album Honeycreeper was released in Japan on September 26, 2007. This 13 track CD features two songs from the single Boom Boom Beat - Oh Edo Nagareboshi IV and two from the single Oriental Diamond - Kuchibiru Motion.

Other songs include a pair written by Butch Walker: Ain't Gonna Cut It (with Robert Schwartzman) and Closet Full of Love (with Kara DioGuardi) and two by the Blue Hearts guitarist Mashima Masatoshi. Yamanaka Sawao from the Pillows also contributes a pair of songs with Puffy providing the lyrics for Complaint. Checkout the CD Page for a complete listing and full review.

Honeycreeper can be ordered from CD Japan and Yes Asia. If you purchase the CD from select stores in Japan it comes with a T-shirt. Some of our forum members who bought from CD Japan also report receiving one. Picture.

New single "Oriental Diamond - Kuchibiru Motion."

Official single cover Puffy's latest single Oriental Diamond - Kuchibiru Motion was released in Japan on September 5th in advance of their new album Honeycreeper. It can be ordered from CD Japan and YesAsia. The first two tracks will also be featured on the upcoming album.

The title track Oriental Diamond was Puffy's 20th anniversary theme song for the Japanese airline ANA with music by Tamio Okuda and lyrics by his longtime collaborator Yosui Inoue. The website has (or had) a brief interview with Puffy while the song plays here. Checkout the music video here.

New Luvshuca screenshot - click for larger image The second track, Kuchibiru Motion (Lip Motion), was written and produced by Kazuya Yoshii from the Yellow Monkey. The song is featured in another commercial for Lavshuca.

Kuchibiru Motion video In the music video Ami and Yumi show some attitude as they eat, drink and appear to get ready for a night on the town. YouTube has (or had) the music video playing here. Veoh had (or had) a bigger version here.

The third track is Neji Potion with lyrics by Ami Onuki and music by Nargo of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. This song will not be on Honeycreeper (barring an unannounced Bonus CD). Puffy also worked with Ska on Hazumu Rhythm and Boogie Woogie No. 5.

"Boom Boom Beat" released July 18th.

Boom Boom Beat picture - Click for larger image According to Puffy's official website a new single consisting of Boom Boom Beat, Oh Edo Nagareboshi IV and Kimi ga Suki was released in Japan on July 18, 2007. It can be ordered at CD Japan and Yes Asia.

Mode Gakuen commercial - Click for larger image The first track Boom Boom Beat was written and produced by Anders Hellgren & David Myhr of the Merrymakers. The song was used for a 2007 commercial for the Japanese fashion school Mode Gakuen. YouTube has (or had) the commercial for viewing here.

Boom Boom Beat Video - Click for larger image The all giving YouTube has (or had) the rocking video for Boom Boom Beat playing here. Veoh has (or had) an even better version here. Ami and Yumi give a dazzling performance.

The second track is the opening theme song Oh Edo Nagareboshi IV from the 2007 animated series Oh Edo Rocket. The song was also written and produced by Anders Hellgren & David Myhr of the Merrymakers. YouTube has (or had) the show's credits with the song playing here.

Oh Edo Rocket The third track Kimi ga Suki features music by Linus of Hollywood and lyrics by Yumi Yoshimura. This was Puffy's first song with Linus. In a message to Andrew (your webmaster) Linus said: "It was an absolute honor to work with Puffy!"

"Hit and Fun" released on Valentine's Day.

Hit and Fun

A "fan's choice" greatest hits CD Hit and Fun was released in Japan on Valentine's Day, 2007. The songs were selected based on an online survey and includes the new song Otomemoriaru as well as the 2006 releases Hazumu Rhythm and Hataraku Otoko. Check out the CD List page for a complete song listing with audio samples.

According to J-ENT Hit and Fun was also released in Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore and debuted at No. 5 on the Japanese Oricon Daily Album Chart. Hit and Fun with optional bonus CD can be ordered at YesAsia and CD Japan.

New DVD released on December 20.

A new DVD entitled Tour! Puffy! Tour! 10 Final from the 2006 Splurge/10th Anniversary tour was released in Japan on December 20, 2006. It features live footage of the tour's final show at Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo.

So far the DVD has only been released in Region Code 2 format, which unfortunately means it can't be played in a standard DVD player bought in the US or Canada.

"Hataraku Otoko" released November 22.

A new Puffy single Hataraku Otoko (working man) was released in Japan on November 22, 2006. This was the second new Puffy single since the release of Splurge. Also on the minidisc are cover versions of the Beatle's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and ELO's Don't Bring Me Down. The single can be ordered at YesAsia or CDJapan. The discs of the first press have a picture label.

Hataraku Otoko is a remake of a song by Tamio Okuda's group Unicorn. Tamio Okuda was of course Puffy's long time producer/songwriter. The single is being featured in a TV adaptation of the popular Japanese manga series "Hatarakiman." According to J-ENT! and SANSPO.com Ami and Yumi are doing voice acting for the show (picture).

The music video features big eyed anime versions of Ami and Yumi and various scenes of men at work in Tokyo. The video pays homage in a few shots to Unicorn's own music video.

"Hazumu Rhythm" released September 20.

A new Puffy single Hazumu Rhythm was released in Japan on September 20, 2006. Ami and Yumi are joined by the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra. You'll remember them from Boogie-Woogie No. 5. The single can be purchased at YesAsia or CDJapan.

Note: Puffy AmiYumi World went live on October 16th, 2006.
- General Puffy News -
2009 calender
Puffy are selling a new calendar for the new year at the website Rocket-exp.com. Ami also gave the group's "Happy New Year" posting. Here is the first part:

"You guys really helped us get thru this year.
We're really really grateful for your support!
Thank You so much!

I think this year has been a busy but good year.
I had a good amount of days off, thinking that our manager T-ishi, Roki-O was wonderful...
It was a fulfilling year for Puffy AmiYumi.

as a working mommy...the management was really understanding,
and I was able to go to all my daughters important events so it was a great year.
Last year I was not even in Tokyo on important days..."
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Boatmaster Ami Adventures with Ami's hand. For anyone who missed it Ami injured her right hand while fishing. In her October 27th blog she said "I think it's an inflammation...probably. The reason I think this is cause... The other day, I finally...had a chance to go fishing!"

We also learned from her November 14th blog that "Yumi had banned me from fishing, but I was glad cause my doctor told me the reason wasn't only from fishing."

So no more fishing for Ami and her daughter for awhile. Ah the life of celebrity motherhood!
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Puffy still busy recording. Ami's blogs continue to report heavy recording sessions, meaning there is either a new single on the way or perhaps a new full CD in the works. Her November 12th update confirms that the lyrics for at least one of the new songs were written by Ami and Yumi.
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neak peak from new photo book
A New Puffy Photo Book continues to be a topic in Amy's blogs since her birthday announcement. The book will be released late November with the title "Tsuki Ichi." According to Ami's blog it will be by Kawade Shobo Shinsha and be around 200 pages.

There are about ten other Puffy books, the last one being their tenth anniversary book "Ayumi" that came out in 2006. Checkout the Puffy Books Page for a complete list. New  (Post your comment about this news update.)

Yumi getting married? Our forum member TBB posted on October 12th some links from Japanese gossip columns regarding the possibility of an upcoming marriage between Yumi and boyfriend Nao Omori. They've been dating for awhile and purportedly have bought a house together.

According to TBB's sources the wedding was to be on November 15th at Tokyo's Akasaka shrine. Since there is still no official announcement from Yumi or Puffy's management or other media confirmation we'll have to wait and see.
Yumi and Omori in the movie Love Death
Yumi was previously married to Takanori Nishikawa of TM Revolution from April 2nd, 1999 to July of 2003.
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Ami's 35th b-day News blurb from Puffy's staff from September 19th:

"So as Ami wrote, thank you all for the sweet birthday messages! Yes, our Ami has turned 35! It was a little early but the day AmiYumi performed at Avril's concert, we celebrated...it was also one of the staff's (Atsushi-san) birthday so we celebrated it together.

And of course on the actual day of Ami's birthday, she had to work. Another photoshoot for the book that's coming out. It'll be all new photos!"

Ami's 35th b-day Birthday Time! On September 18th Ami Onuki celebrated her 35th birthday. Happy birthday from everyone here at Puffy AmiYumi World and the Forum!

She was born in 1973 in Machida, Tokyo (in the year of the Ox--in case you were wondering).

Lavshuca ad - click for full wallpaper New Lavshuca Ad is running in Japan. The Lavshuca website currently features videos of Ami and Yumi and a new wallpaper: Wallpaper.

Our forum member Cerahbes sent us the following picture of the ad in Nihobashi station: Picture.

Puffy will be performing in Japan at various venues and with other groups this year. There is still no announcement on a date for the US release of Honeycreeper or a possible North American tour. Here is the Japanese schedule to date:

Bent Beat Special - Link.
May 22nd - @ZEPP TOKYO

Miyako Island Rock Festival 2008 - Link.
June 21 Miyako Island Coastal Resort, Okinawa.

Puffy All Because of You Live 2008
July 8 (Tuesday) Osaka's Namba Hatch
July 9 (Wednesday) Nagoya's Club Diamond Hall
July 11 (Friday) Tokyo's JCB Hall

Japan in Rock Festival 2008 - Link.
August 1st to 3rd

Yumi with CQA - click for larger pic Yumi's Other Band. Here's a little something yom1970 at the Forum discovered. Yumi is in a side band called CQA, which stands for C Quick Attacker. Her other band members are Kataru, Ryo and TO-BU. They apparently performed 2 concerts together back in 2005. After taking a long hiatus they are going to perform their first new show on May 18th at the Chelsea Hotel in Tokyo (show is sold out).

True Asia video cap - so young! Happy Anniversary! On May 13th Ami and Yumi celebrated the 12th year anniversary of the 1996 release of their very first single, Asia no Junshin (True Asia).

On behalf of everyone at Puffy AmiYumi World and the Forum we hope there will be many, many more songs and performances to come. Go Puffy Go!

A Bootleg Video consisting of a short 1:47 cell phone video capture of Puffy singing Tokyo I'm On My Way from their November Honeysweeper show in Vancouver is (or was) playing at YouTube. While I always encourage fans to support Puffy by buying their music I doubt this is going to bother their management much so here is the link. Anyone see themselves?

Space Shower TV Flowers for Yumi were given to her on the closing episode of "TV Geracho." Yumi has been hosting the popular Japanese show along with Pierre Taki on Space Shower TV. Pierre Taki has written lyrics for Puffy's songs like Oh Edo Nagareboshi IV.

Vino CM Yamaha Vino are once again featuring Puffy in their commercials starting this March. You can watch a video promo of Ami and Yumi pointing out the kawaii features of the latest motor scooters as well as a remake of their Wild Girls on Circuit video called "Circuit No Musume - MOVIE 2008 VVersion" at the Yamaha website. Here is the website's promo picture.

Ami Continues to elude to their upcoming "project" in her Amigator blogs and mentions a new commercial.

From March 10: "Puffy will be in the next KAGOME "Yasai Sekatsu" (vegetable juice) commercial. And in the commercial Puffy's song "Frontier no Pioneer" will also be used. Some of you may already know but this song is a cover of Tamio Okuda. But of course it's a Puffy version and it's great so hope you look forward to hearing it. The commercial started on March 15th (in Japan)." They are (or were) on YouTube here: CM 1 - CM 2.

From March 9: "Right now, Puffy is in the process of thinking about the details for the next project.
What should we name the title for that,
What image should it be, etc.
We're hoping we can do alot of fun things again.
Can't wait for you all to be apart of it too!
To make sure we can satisfy you all, this silly Puffy team is brainstorming til every last brain energy we have. But the whole process is so much fun.
Especially cause we know you guys are all waiting."

In a Brief Update on February 26 Puffy's MySpace page and official site reports the following:

"So days in the studio have been continuing.

Of course we squeeze in commercial shoots, and some events but for all of you waiting to see and hear Puffy in action please wait just a little bit more."

Long sleeve version The "Puffy the Monster" t-shirt that Ami designed for the Honeysweeper tour has been made into a long sleeve version. It was sold for the first time at the February 17 Green Power Live 2008 concert. Below is the original version.
Puffy the Monster T-shirt

Ami has been writing some interesting stuff about herself and her daughter over the last month in her Amigator blogs. She is also hinting that there will be a new Puffy CD and/or DVD sometime this year. You can read the translation at their MySpace page or in the "Staff Diary" at their official site. Here are some highlights:

From February 7th: "As you know, we went to Thailand a few weeks ago. On the plane to Thailand, I decided to read a book that I have wanted to read for the longest time. I actually bought it a while ago but I've just been so busy that I haven't had time, so I finally found the time to start reading it. The book is called "Na mo naki Doku" (nameless poison). The Author is Miyuki Miyabe."

Yumi's 33rd Birthday On February 6th she mentions Yumi's 33rd Birthday: "Lastly, a little late but here's a picture from Yumi's B-day. Yumi's wearing no makeup and has a cold so she's wearing a mask. And next to the cake you can see... Ami."

From February 5, 2008: "So I made one too... a snowman. My daughter was making one next to me. But my daughter made a rule that we can't make the snowman by rolling a snowball. So it was like playing with sand, we'd pile the snow together to create the snowballs, that it was melting so fast and it ended up being a melty snowman."

A New Puffy Interview with the website JaME USA is now available online. Here is the direct link. Here's a highlight:

Q: You recently finished your five-concert US tour. What are your best and worst memories from this tour?

Ami: I had great time, but it was a bit hard to adjust to the extreme temperatures.

Yumi: I just had a blast. I was anxious at first to see if people would come as it'd been a while since we last visited the West Coast but it turned out that so many people come and supported us, which made me very happy.

A New Commercial featuring Ami and Yumi with their Honeycreeper song Kimi to Ootobai is being used for Lavshuca's 2008 Spring Collection. The website also features a new wallpaper.

Shojo Beat - click for larger image Shojo Beat Interview and Contest. Puffy were on the January 15 cover of Shojo Beat. According to Puffy's Official Site: "It will feature AmiYumi on the COVER with a detailed interview. This 3rd Annual Music issue also has music awards and cool music related contests!"

The magazine had an online contest in which you could vote for Puffy for the "Best Pop Artist or Group." Prizes for voting included 100 song downloads on JapanFiles.com and the game Dance Dance Revolution, SuperNOVA2. See this link at their website for more details. Ended February 28th.

Ami's New Years Greetings have been posted in English on their official and MySpace pages which are more frequently translating her Japanese blog. Here are a few highlights:

"The reason I write so late is cause...during the New Years break, this video girl, this PC girl, no should I say this PC alumni was not in an internet friendly environment. Yep, I went home to my parents place...and I didn't wanna dial up to log on each time!! But the good girl I was, I wrote my column that I regularly do for "anan" magazine. Unfortunately, I couldn't send it. So anyway, that's how I spent the break at my parents...being lazy around the house with my daughter. But you have to give me credit cause I did write the "anan" columns."

"As Puffy we start off the year recording. We'll work our hardest so we can get great music to you. Look forward to it!! Haven't recorded it yet but I'm sure it'll be great. The New Years break must've really paid off cause I'm presently fueled with so much imagination. I'm fired up. I just wanna create!!!"

A Busy End to 2007: Ami and Yumi released a new album Honeycreeper in Japan along with two singles Boom Boom Beat - Oh Edo Nagareboshi IV and Oriental Diamond - Kuchibiru Motion and four new music videos. They performed a twelve show "Honeysweeper 2007" tour of Japan and the West Coast from October to December. Puffy also appeared in several high profile commercials for The Gap, ANA, Lavshuca and Sony Walkman.

Closet Full of Love video A New Music Video for Closet Full of Love has been released featuring Ami and Yumi singing and dancing alongside, well, see for yourself. It is (or was) playing at YouTube and Veoh.

Some November Updates: LA Weekly has featured Puffy in their Nov. 16th "Rock Picks." According to Sony Music Honeycreeper won't be released to the US until 2008. Puffy's MySpace page has been updated with 4 songs from Honeycreeper and now includes frequent blog posts.

Sony Walkman & Sony NET - click for larger picture Sony Walkman & Sony NET Commercial. Puffy will be appearing in Japanese commercials for Sony Walkman & Sony NET JUKE. Participants will be able to download a remixed version of Closet Full of Love by the techno band Ryukyudisko.

Honeysweeper Tour

PUFFY TOUR 2007 Honeysweeper has finished. Puffy played three Japanese shows in October, five West Coast shows in November and four final Japanese shows in December. Checkout our forum's board on the Honeysweeper Tour for reviews and discussions of the concerts.

Opening Japanese shows
October 19 (Fri) Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall
October 26 (Fri) Hiroshima Club Quattro
October 27 (Sat) Fukuoka Drum Logos
North American shows
November 11 (Sun) Richards on Richards, Vancouver
November 13 (Tue) Moore Theater, Seattle
November 15 (Thr) Slim's, San Francisco (changed)
November 16 (Fri) Key Club West Hollywood, Los Angeles
November 18 (Sun) House of Blues, Anaheim
Final Japanese shows
December 1 (Sat) Yawatahama (added)
December 14 (Sat) Nagoya Diamond Hall
December 16 (Sat) Osaka Namba Hatch
December 19 (Wed) Shibuya-AX (added)

New Puffy goodies for October.

Puffy the Monster T-shirt There are several new Honeysweeper Tour products listed at the Sony Music website. According to Ami's September 26th blog she designed the "Puffy the Monster" T-shirt herself.

Yumi on Space Shower TV The Japanese TV show Space Shower, which Yumi often appears on, aired several specials in October to support Honeycreeper. Let's hope it helped to make the album and tour a smashing success.

Ami's 34th Birhday Ami celebrated her 34th birthday on September 18th. Happy Birthday from everyone here at Puffy AmiYumi World.

Ami Onuki Injured Her Finger.

Ami's finger - Aug 3rd, 6th and 12th
From Puffy's Staff Diary August 3rd 2007: Ami injured her finger during a recording session. Three days later she shows its not apparently broken. On August 12th she is still wearing a brace.

Gap Jeans Ad (photo by Annie Leibovitz) - click for larger image What Jeans Do Puffy Wear? Puffy are doing some modeling for The Gap as part of their Fall 2007 "Classics Redefined" campaign along with Ken Watanabe, Selma Blair, Lucy Liu, Sarah Silverman and other celebrities. Annie Leibovitz took the photos. Puffy's pick: "The Baggy Jean" aka "The Wide Leg Jean." Color: Dark Wash.

Puffy Crazy Virgin??? New Puffy products for June. Puffy's official website has several new Puffy T-shirts, hats, bags and fans starting in June, 2007. Themes include "Crazy Virgin" and "Global Warming is Not Cool."

Lavshuca Kanebo Cosmetics Kanebo Cosmetics Ad. Puffy did a 2007 promotional campaign for Lavshuca for Kanebo Cosmetics. The "With Puffy" part of the website featured (at the time) a short video of Puffy making a commercial while Otomemoriaru played as well as a large downloadable wallpaper. You can still get the wallpaper here at the wallpaper page.

Puffy on Fuji TV on November 18.

Puffy appeared with Brian Setzner on Fuji TV's Music Fair 21 on November 18th, 2006. pic 1 - pic 2 - pic 3

According to Puffy's blog: "Ami is a big fan of Sezter since she was a high school student and she got an autograph from Sezter on her own guitar (Ami's guitar is Brian Sezter's model!)."